Don’t be afraid of digital

How often have you heard this?

“I don’t really understand digital.”

That can be all-too-familiar to many developers, particularly those working with people who don’t work in the web day-to-day. And that’s sad.

Today, if you want to find out a restaurant’s opening times, or showings of a film, you check online. If you want to share photos with a friend, you do it on social media. If you want to listen to music you stream it from the Internet. And you do all this on the phone in your hand.

What these people really mean is “I haven’t worked on a website before and think it’s different to what I’m used to”. What they don’t realise is that they already have 50% of the experience required by simply living in the 21st Century. The other 50% is the detail of turning an idea into a finished product. This is only as complicated for digital as it is for print, tv or any other medium.

So the next time someone says that they don’t understand, ask them why they think it is complicated. Take five minutes to explain one element thing to them. If you invest this time with these individuals, I guarantee you’ll have a nicer working environment, and you might get to work with some new and interesting people.